Austria Case study – Improving Energy Efficiency of apartment blocks in Vienna [Sep. 2019]



The measure was carried out for an apartment block built in 1974. The heating system was renewed in 2008 and the windows replaced. However, due to the age of the building, major maintenance work was still required. The roof and the façade had been damaged and need reinstating.

The measures recommended for these buildings were roof, external wall and basement ceiling insulation. After two internal rounds of decision making the owners decided to decide to install top floor and the basement ceiling insulation.


Policy Type: One-time direct subsidy

  • A well-established subsidy scheme was available to provide a one-time subsidy
  • The building owners had an internal decision-making process that assured acceptability
  • The main barrier to motivating and engaging residents was that the energy costs were relatively low at the time
  • Another challenge were concerns about the potential issues associated with building insulation, namely flammability of polystyrene or algae growth

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