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Bavarian Case study – Cultural landscape program me (KULAP) [Sep. 2019]


Year: 2019 - 2020

Under the Rural Development programmes (RDP), the measure aimed to increase climate and environmentally friendly practices through compensation payments. RDPs are well established throughout Europe. Their climate aspects are likely to be strengthened in the post - 2020 CAP.

While many RDPs contain similar agri - environment - climate measures, their designation as a climate measure is rather rare. Highlighting the links between biodiversity, water and air quality and climate change can also increase acceptance among farmers. It furthermore sends the signal that agricultural emissions need to be reduced as well.


Policy Type: Regulation, subsidy

  • Climate measures are often beneficial for water quality, biodiversity, air quality or soil conservation too
  • Reduction in mineral fertilisers
  • Increase in grasslands
  • Can be linked to existing subsidies

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