Bulgaria Case study – Energy-efficient reconstruction of street lighting system [Sep. 2019]



The project for the energy-efficient reconstruction of Dobrich street lighting system was implemented step-by-step with a municipal budget and 25 % national grant for public lighting renovations. The key objective was to change existing lamps with new high-pressure sodium-vapour lamps (6350 lamps - 50,70,100, 150W and 1000 LED - 24 and 36 W). Also, the municipality changed part of the existing cable network and renewed the commutation equipment. As additional optimization of the existing system, new lines with LED were also developed.


Policy Type: Subsidy and public intervention

  • Changing the street lighting system to energy-efficient lamps and LED as a quick win and low hanging fruit that can be reaped for municipalities with a limited investment budget
  • The measure has long-term compatibility with net-zero pathways
  • Interacts with other policy goals of providing comfort & light to pedestrians, cyclists in a city

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