Energy rehabilitation of the Fasa-Delicia district in Valladolid [Sep. 2019]



From 2017 until the end of 2019, 19 owner communities (398 housing), a fourteen-story tower and all common areas will be transformed with criteria of energy efficiency, sustainability and resource use. It is about ensuring the sustainability of the action, facilitating that the neighbours can self-supply and partially cover their energy needs with renewable sources that respect the environment. The demand for heating is estimated to decrease with 40% and a decrease in total energy demand is expected to be of 40-50%. According to the estimated values, the final energy savings will be 159,830 kWh/year and the proportion of renewable energy production of 27,800 kWh, with an installed capacity of 27,4 kWp. Thanks to the project, 954.36 tons of CO2/year are saved.


Land and housing policy

  • Energy rehabilitation of a housing district
  • Collaboration between multiple stakeholders
  • Public-private funding
  • GHG emissions savings of up to 954.36 tons of CO2/year

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