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Germany Case Study – Get Real [Sep. 2019]


2016 - 2019

The main objective of the Get Real project is to increase awareness among citizens and policy-makers about the gap that exists between the real and the official data on fuel consumption for passenger vehicles, due to the flawed emissions tests that exist today. The project aims at assessing the gap between real and official fuel consumption, and disseminate this information for awareness-raising. The information will be shared with consumers via an app and a website about the real consumption data of current vehicle models, as well as via media, workshops, conferences and experts talks.


Policy Type: Standard; Regulation; Awareness campaign

  • Awareness-raising via an app and website
  • Bringing complex regulation to day-to-day users
  • Applicable to something very relatable for citizens as it is their vehicles
  • Repercussions not only in behavioural changes but potentially policy

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