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HU-GO Electronic Toll System [Sep. 2019]


2013 - Ongoing

The new system complies with the European Union requirements and the directives of the European Electronic Toll Service (EETS) (Act LXVII of 2013 on distance-based toll payable for the use of motorways, highways and main routes). The rate of distance-based toll payment depends on the used road type, the category of the motor vehicle (J2, J3, J4), as well as its environmental classification. In Hungary, the universal e-vignette system applied so far, i.e. the period-based road use toll collection was not able to ensure full payback.

In contrast, the HU-GO system means an increased toll revenue, which ensures the financial means for developing, maintaining and operating the road network. In addition, the new toll collection system follows the principle “user and polluter pays”, according to which everybody pays in proportion to the rate of using the toll section of the Hungarian road network and the rate of environmental pollution. The distance-based toll payment results in a significant increase in revenues from international transit traffic.


New regulation on road tolls

  • More tolls for road maintenance
  • Less unnecessary kilometres by trucks with better logistics
  • Less emission due to fewer kilometres and at the same time faster delivery as trucks don’t avoid toll roads
  • Less disturbance in villages around highways

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