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Hungary Case Study - Saving KiloWatt [Sep. 2019]



Saving KiloWatt - Energy Communities in Work Groups, Horizon 2020 funded project aimed to save energy in buildings by behavioural change. In every office, there was an Energy Community formed that planned, coordinated and evaluated the energy efficiency project. The Hungarian project was coordinated by the GreenDependent Institute: in Hungary, it involved 19 public buildings, with the participation of roughly 2000 workers, that were engaged through gamification to compete on categories such as energy saved, best communications campaign, best and most sustainable energy efficiency plan. One of the aims of the project was to extend good practices to domestic consumption of the public officers involved.



  • It helps improve energy efficiency in public buildings and in homes as well
  • People became more aware of easy practices to reach energy efficiency
  • Energy Community is a new effective way of motivating people to environmental thinking
  • Participants made savings using the practices they learnt

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