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Investments for improving the resilience and environmental value of forest ecosystems [Sep. 2019]


Year: 2015 - 2020

  • to increase the resilience of forest ecosystems and to improve the natural status of existing forests
  • to push back alien species (trees and shrubs)
  • to establish forest ecosystems of higher ecological value
  • to improve the health status of native tree species
  • to maintain the biological diversity of forest ecosystems
  • to comply with climate goals (mitigation and adaptation)
  • to create lawns in order to increase the diversity of forest habitats
  • to restore forests with climate-resilient propagation mate
  • the direct beneficiaries of the subsidy are forestry managers and land-owners, the indirect beneficiaries are society as a whole and rural communities dependent on these forests and the ecosystem services they provide

Policy Type: Investment support

  • Could be easily implemented across member states
  • Benefits for rural communities
  • Benefits for forests
  • Helps tackle invasive alien species

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