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“Produs Montan” mountain product certificate [Sep. 2019]


2017 -

Producers in mountain areas can voluntarily opt for the labelling of the products. Producers, growers and beekeepers who carry out their production activity in mountain areas (as defined by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development) can promote their food by labelling it "mountain product" if the products live up to a series of requirements. The label is easily recognised by consumers and will include consumer information on the importance of the biological quality and health guarantees of mountain foods, which can increase the demand for such products. Strengthening the market position of mountain products is enhancing the economic viability of traditional mountain farming, often counting on extensive production systems, Carpathian space conservation, semi-natural areas, use of ecosystem services, and carbon capture, beneficial for the climate and environment.



  • Label for mountain products
  • Co-benefits between climate, environment and rural development
  • Strengthening an already existing cultural appreciation of consumers for mountain farming culture
  • Diversification of agricultural production

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