Scotland Case study – Improving Energy Efficiency of apartment blocks in Telford [Sep. 2019]



Combining national and local policies to tackle energy poverty and climate action was achieved at the Telford apartment blocks. The measure demonstrates the significant energy saving potential for non-traditional blocks of flats from external wall insulation and loft insulation. Encouraging all residents to sign up to this was critical for the project’s success and this was achieved by a range of communications through letters, events and doorstep engagement. The funding package, built from HEEPS:ABS, ECO funding and support from Manor Estates for their properties, was highly successful. Without this, the project would have been significantly more challenging to achieve requiring financial contributions from residents. This does however mean that the replication of this success is quite dependent on the funding landscape in the region at that time.


Policy Type: Technical and financial support to carry out energy performance improvements

  • Combine national and local policies
  • Combine climate action with energy poverty policies
  • Foster local job creation

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