Slovenia Case study – Energy - efficient retrofitting of primary schools in Bilje [Sep. 2019]


2011 - Ongoing

Before the intervention, the primary schools in Bilje area of Miren-Kostanjevica were badly insulated, very inefficient and also not well heated, causing a lot of discomfort for school children and teachers in the buildings.

After the intervention, the thermal comfort was not only substantially improved for the buildings' occupants, but the municipality also made significant financial and energy savings thanks to the energy-efficient retrofitting of the Bilje primary schools.


Policy Type: Subsidy and public intervention

  • As the municipality was only able to cover with its budget 25% of the investment volume, the national grant from MZIP was critical in covering the rest of the investment
  • Miren-Kostanjevica's involvement in EU-funded project Alterenergy helped the municipality in the technical preparation of the project with the energy agency Golea (based in Nova Gorica in Slovenia)
  • The measure is compatible with net-zero pathways and interacts with other policy goals, insofar as well - insulated school buildings contribute to a beneficial learning environment for school children and teachers.

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