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Ecobonus and tax rebates for deep renovations [Italy]

Increasing the efficiency of deep renovations is one of the main measures included in the Italian NECP. The plan is set to increase the yearly renovation rate to 0.7% for the 2021-2030 period. This translates into a renovation of 34,000 buildings a year. Tax rebates for energy efficiency interventions (Ecobonus scheme) are still in force and included in the final NECP.


The main problem of the Ecobonus scheme, for condominiums and single unit houses, is the efficiency of the measures. Often, households invest in projects with low energy savings return, such as the replacement of windows and doors alone without implementing any other modification to the heating system or the thermal structure of the building.

The award of incentives should be preceded by a thorough analysis of the efficiency of the projects, and should be dedicated exclusively to renewable energy applications. Nowadays instead, even the latest 110% “superbonus” incentive can be used to invest in heating systems fuelled by fossil fuels like gas.

Moreover, in view of the necessity to boost the deep renovation of the building stock, better guarantees about the timings of renovation works and temporary accommodations should be provided to households to make these interventions more popular.

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