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Madrid Central and Madrid 360 - Low Emissions Zone [Spain]

‘Madrid Central’ is a Low Emissions Zone (LEZ) implemented in certain parts of the metropolitan area of Madrid. The initiative was introduced in November 2018 to meet EU rules on clean air. However, Madrid Central (now called Madrid 360) was weakened by the new mayor of the city, elected in 2019.

The Madrid Central proved to be an effective measure, which has led to LEZ becoming the basis for a national policy on transport decarbonisation in Spain. The updated NECP includes a measure to establish LEZ and Zero Emissions Zones (ZEZ) in cities with more than 50,000 inhabitants.


  • Include an investment plan on renovation and urban adaptation of LEZ to enhance sustainable mobility.
  • Include a strategy to engage local authorities and citizens on the LEZ design and implementation.
  • Include a plan on how to promote public transport, cycling and other sustainable modes of transport in parallel to the implementation of LEZ.
  • Include rules for LEZ design to guarantee efficiency.

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