EUCalc Webinar: how to build your own decarbonization scenario

The EU Calculator is an initiative financed by Horizon 2020. The model makes and shows the relationship between GHG emissions and societal lifestyles, the exploitation and/or conservation of natural resources, job creation, energy production, agriculture, costs, etc. in one highly integrative tool which enables decision-makers to get real-time policy support underpinned by comprehensive trade-off analyses, satisfying their practical needs.

(Exact date and time to be confirmed)

Within the PlanUp project, EUCalc will be used to propose pathways for the 5 target countries that achieve the GHG reduction targets corresponding to (i) their National Energy and Climate Plans (NECPs) and (ii) a more ambitious scenario corresponding to -65% GHG emissions at EU level.

The purpose of the webinar is twofold. First, we will give a short demonstration of the EUCalc webtool and how it works in order to give webinar attendees the ability to build their own decarbonization scenario, at EU- or country-level, using this web tool. Then, we will present the two different pathways (i.e. NECP ambition and -65% GHG ambition) that have been defined with EUCalc for the 5 target countries considered in the PlanUp project, as well as the underlying rationale of scenario construction.