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Margrete Auken

Can EU agriculture be a climate friendly practice?

“Farmers and farming are extremely important for all of us but they are at the same time a heavy burden for nature, climate, soil protection and for the biodiversity or the undermining of it, and it must be changed.

First and foremost, we must reduce the production and consumption of meat. We don’t need to eat so much cow meat, chickens, and pigs. We don’t need to be vegetarians but we can do this here without really changing our lives. At the same time, we need to have much more organic production so that we can keep up the soil health and we should also go more [natural], having variety in the plant production. Having also wild nature, which is of course very important for the climate but at the same time, creates more healthy farming.

As it looks just now, it is not promising because the Common Agricultural Policy, which is on the track, does not really cover these needed initiatives. The agri-industrial complex is still far too influential and heavy, and they don’t look into soil protection, wild nature or climate at all. They just look into short-sighted profit and that has to be changed.”

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