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Kata Tüttő

What does gender have to do with sustainable mobility?

“If we take a look at our cities’ transport systems, when we are thinking about cutting emissions, probably many of us would be surprised looking at the data through a gender filter.

Because men and women have different needs and are different users for transport. If we look at the data, we see that most of the car drivers are men taking a single journey in the morning to work and back home in the evening, while the majority of public transport users are women with more complex transit patterns, taking multiple trips a day due to their different roles in society., Going to work, taking care of children, the elderly family members and other household duties.

A Swedish city Umeå has calculated that if men used public transport as often as women, they would achieve more significant CO2 reduction than by converting their entire bus fleet into electric buses. So when we are preparing our sustainable energy and climate action plans, it is worth looking at our climate actions through a gender filter.”

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