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Madrid Central [Sep. 2019]


Year: 2018 - Ongoin

“Madrid Central” is a Low Emissions Zone implemented in certain areas of the metropolitan area of Madrid. The measure is part of the General Plan for Air Quality and Climate change and gives priority to pedestrians, cyclists and public transport. It covers 472 Ha in Madrid’s inner belt and eliminates the traffic in the centre of the city, giving some exemptions to residents, individuals with reduced mobility and/or special needs, and security and emergency services which can access the area of application of Madrid Central. There are furthermore exemptions for certain types of vehicles based on their environmental and climate performance, which are allowed to the city without restriction, at
certain times or not at all depending on such performance.

The plan will reduce traffic by 37% compared to current rates, reduce CO2 emissions by 14% and reduce NOx emissions by 38% levels for this air pollutant are illegal as the city hasn’t complied with the law since 2010. Other benefits include less noise and the promotion of public space for citizens to enjoy a cleaner and more sustainable urban landscape.


Policy Type: Public intervention

  • Addresses both climate and air quality issues
  • Co-benefits include lower noise levels and improving the city environment
  • Policy measure that is ‘easy’ to implement, straightforward and does not require a high investment, while concrete benefits within a short timeframe
  • Promotes the use of cleaner vehicles and other modes of transport, such as walking, cycling and public transport

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