2009 Ordinance on energy performance of apartment buildings [Romania]

In 2009, the Romanian government adopted a law to regulate intervention works on apartment building insulation. In the NECP, the measure is integrated into the draft Long-Term Renovation Strategy (SRTL). It proposes measures to improve energy efficiency, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and increase the share of energy from renewable sources in total energy consumption by renovating the national building stock.


For a short while, starting in 2010, the Romanian government adopted a support programme to increase the energy efficiency of residential buildings. The programme provided government guarantees and subsidised interest on loans for the thermal rehabilitation of residential buildings. Associations of owners and owners of single-family residential buildings can thus benefit from favorable lending conditions for the thermal rehabilitation of residential spaces built and purchased by the end of 2000. Such a crediting policy should be reinstated by the Romanian government as it incentivizes citizens' contribution to renovate thermal insulation of their old buildings.

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