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Electromobility [Romania]

The Romanian NECP includes different measures to boost electromobility. The goal is to reduce pollution from road transport, which accounts for more than 20% of the country’s CO2 emissions. Among the main measures are installation of “Grid-to-Vehicle” and “Vehicle-to-Grid” technologies, set-up of private initiatives and Public-Private partnerships to build the necessary infrastructure, elaboration of a plan for the installation of public charging networks, incentivisation of private investments for infrastructure development through stimulus mechanisms, set-up of a national network of recharging stations for electric vehicles and installation of charging infrastructure for electric vehicles in long-term parking lots and highways.


The measures to boost electromobility, as outlined in the plan, go in the right direction. However, many details, including milestones and deadlines, are still missing. In order to succeed in all the actions laid out in the plan and give investors more certainty for their investments, more concrete details should be provided. 

Moreover, it will be essential to set up smart incentives and support programmes for agents interested in investing in electromobility infrastructure.

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