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National Housing Plan 2018-2021 [Spain]

National Housing Plan 2018-2021 [Spain]

The National Housing Plan is a governmental funding mechanism that aims to support rental housing, urban rehabilitation and renovation. It seeks to facilitate access to housing for the most vulnerable groups and to boost employment in the construction sector. The plan is implemented across Spain, except for the regions of Navarre and the Basque Country, which have their own regional housing plans. Economic resources are mobilised from both the public sector and owners.


  • Greater transparency, as currently the Ministry does not provide any information on the implementation of and results achieved by the measure
  • Inclusion of indicators and data to measure the impact of the measure
  • Increased financial aid levels
  • Greater coordination between the state and the regions
  • Cooperation of different public funds and resources with private financing
  • Greater role played by the municipalities to ensure engagement with citizens

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