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Programme to improve air quality in Padania through regional cooperation and joint actions and measures [Italy]

This programme has been in force since 2017 and aims to identify joint actions to tackle emissions, including greenhouse gas emissions and dust. Participating regions must plan and carry out measures aimed at reducing GHG emissions within their strategies to improve air quality. Such measures can include covering manure containers, applying best practices when spreading manure and covering fertilised land when considered technically feasible and economically viable.


The programme needs to be fully aligned with the EU Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), in particular with climate and environmental objectives, and ensure that proper financial resources are channeled to farmers.

Concrete and ambitious targets and impact indicators for the reduction of the greenhouse gas and air pollutant methane and related air pollutants as ammonia should be established, monitored and evaluated as one key parameter for financial support under the programme.

The programme also needs to define specific objectives with regard to reduction and redistribution of animal rearing and diversification of crops, which need to be transposed and implemented through robust agricultural planning, including with an ad hoc revision of the rural development plan.

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