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Renewable electricity in road transport and railways [Italy]

Italy’s NECP has a 6% renewable energy target in road transport. This will be attained through several actions:

  • Uptake of six million electric and hybrid vehicles by 2030
  • Mandatory quotas of electric vehicles in public transport
  • Increase of renewable energy in the railway sector, maritime and freight transport
  • Increase in the use of hydrogen in transport, in particular for direct application in cars, buses, heavy-duty vehicles, trains (where electrification is not possible) and ships
  • Increase in the uptake of shared mobility and a shift from road to rail for freight transport


With regard to electric cars, the 2030 target should be 6 million fully electric vehicles. The plan should also include the following measures:

  • Bonus scheme of 2,000 EUR for scrapping old cars
  • Eco-tax on diesel, petrol and gas vehicles to incentivise the purchase of electric vehicles
  • Support scheme for employees and their families to incentivise the use of public transport, car sharing and corporate sharing of company cars
  • Internalisation of comparative indirect costs of long-distance road transport, such as infrastructure use, air pollution, CO2 emissions, safety, etc. in the price of goods

By 2030 electricity consumption for railway transport should account for 600 Mteq, which is four times higher than the share included in the NECP. This objective would bring the percentage of freight transported by rail to 35% of land transport, which is more in line with the European average.

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