Capacity Building Workshop in Poland

A one-day workshop to discuss different aspects of the EU Climate objectives and targets, how Poland can contribute to these targets, the role of the key sectors transport, agriculture, and buildings/cities, and how to ensure good governance of the national climate and energy plans that Poland has to design and present by the end of 2019. The event is open to civil society groups, NGOs, policy-makers and to representatives from municipalities and regions.

DATE: 20 March 2019

LOCATION: Centrum Zielna, sala Europa, ul. Zielna 37, Warszawa

09.00–09.30: Registration, coffee 
09.30–09.35: Welcome. Wojciech Szymalski, ISD
09.35–09.50: Brief introductions from participants
09.50–10.05: Context of the project and the role of civil society in climate and energy governance: Elisa Martellucci/Carbon Market Watch
10.05–10.20: Linking national and European policies: Cristina Mestre/Transport & Environment (T&E)
10.20–10.40: Presentation of a tool/calculator for evaluation of the effectiveness of Poland’s National Energy and Climate Plan (NECP): Benoit Martin/Climact
11.00–11.30: Coffee break
11.30–11.50:  Comments on Polish NECP – energy, buildings and general issues: Polish Green Network, Joanna Furmaga
11:50 -12:30: Workshop discussion about energy in NECP, ISD Foundation, Wojciech Szymalski
12:30–12.50: Reduction of emissions in transport: Cristina Mestre – T&E, Piotr Skubisz - INSPRO
12.50–13:30: Workshop discussion about transport in NECP, ISD Foundation, Wojciech Szymalski
13.30–14.30: Lunch
14.30–14.50: Reduction of emissions in agriculture: Zbigniew Karaczun, PKE OM
14.50–15.30: Workshop discussion about agriculture in NECP, ISD Foundation, Wojciech Szymalski
15.30–16.00: Open discussion
16:00–16.15: Closing remarks: Wojciech Szymalski, ISD Foundation