Roundtable on the National Energy and Climate Plan of Hungary

The roundtable will bring together representatives from national government, local authorities and civil society to discuss the potential ways forward in strengthening the collaboration between national policymakers and these key local stakeholders in shaping Hungary’s future energy and climate policies.
During this roundtable, representatives from the LIFE PlanUp project will share good practices in governance at the national level in Europe, while experienced local authorities and civil society organizations will provide their proposals for a new governance of energy and climate policies in Hungary through the 2030 integrated national energy and climate plan.

Note: This is a closed event

Find the PDF of the whole programme here

DATE: 25 March 2019

LOCATION: MagNet Community Center Budapest, Andrássy út 98, 1062


09.00-10.10: Opening speech and presentations on the NECP by the representatives of Ministries
10.10-11.10: Roundtable with the representatives of the Ministries, Local Authorities and NGOs

11.10-11.30: Coffee

11.30-11.40: LIFE PlanUp Project: Good practices in energy and climate governance by David Donnerer, Energy Cities
11.40-11.50: Presentation by Lajos Kovács, President of Klímabarát Települések Szövetsége
11.50-12.00: Presentation by András Lukács, President of Clean Air Action Group
12.00-12.10: Conclusions