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NECP's highlights:

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The final NECP includes a slightly lower target of renewable energy in the transport sector (14% by 2030). This is in line with the European Directive (REDII) and an improvement compared to the draft NECP. However, 14% is still too high a target because it foresees high reliance on unsustainable biofuels based on food and feed crops.


Agriculture (excluding energy consumption) accounts for 16% of Romanian greenhouse gas emissions. However, the sector remains the most problematic, with very few measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.  The final plan includes only existing measures as outlined in the Romanian Rural Development programme with no additional provisions to tackle one of the main sources of emissions in the country. 


The final plan mentions the Long-term Renovation Strategy (LTRS), which aims to improve energy efficiency, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and increase renewable energy in the total energy consumption through the renovation of the national building stock. The LTRS includes the most prominent and ambitious measures to achieve increased renewable and energy efficiency targets.

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Romania’s GHG emission projections for Effort Sharing Regulation (ESR) sectors

*GHG projection data (measured in Mt CO2 eq) reported utilizing a WEM scenario, which considers only the implementation of existing measures

**Annual emission allocations: climate targets for each year in the 2021-2030 period, prescribing the amount of greenhouse gases a Member State is entitled to emit annually to reach overall 40% GHG emissions reduction

NECP's progress

Created by potrace 1.10, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2011
First revision

At the end of June 2019 the European Commission assessed the Romanian draft plan.

Final revision

In September 2020 the European Commission gave an assessment of the final NECPs.

Submitted final

Romania submitted the final NECP in April 2020. Please find the Romanian version here and the English version here.

Draft NECP update

By June 2023 Member States are expected to update their draft plans.

Final NECP update

By December 2023 Member States are expected to submit their final updated plans.

Public participation


Both the draft and the final plans are available in Romanian and English.


No public consultation was conducted before the publication of the final plan.


No multi-level stakeholder dialogue was organised to discuss the final NECP.


No public consultation was carried out on the final plan.


Stakeholder feedback is acknowledged at the beginning of the plan but was not fully integrated into the final NECP.

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