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Jarosław Kaczyński, Warsaw City Council Member

Could Warsaw city be doing more on energy efficiency?

"Unfortunately, Warsaw is still not a role model. However, the money spent on climate and energy policies is currently increasing.

We are a city with about 15-20% energy poverty, and coal boilers are one of our main problems. They exist in many Varsovian buildings, including the municipality ones.

Last year, Warsaw started a pilot project to eliminate the energy poverty issue. The city is co-funding energy for people who are in need. I think it is a great way to help Varsovians to change coal boilers into other more sustainable alternatives, like photovoltaic. You can currently get up to 40% of refund, but in some situations, it isn't enough, and we could be looking to increase subsidies for those private properties. We will also explore the automatization of energy consumption in the future in order to make buildings more efficient, and not spend unnecessary energy and economic resources when it isn't necessary."

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