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Miriam Zaitegui, Climate Change Policy Officer

How should the Spanish Climate & Energy Law look like?

"Our successive governments have promised it and NGOs have been claiming it for years. Fighting climate change cannot longer be delayed, we expect from this Law ambition on mobility by banning selling cars based on fossil fuels in the mid-term (at most 2030). Buildings are responsible for 30% of energy consumption and yet not enough measures are taken to accelerate their renovation and not enough relevance is given to the demand management, even if it is key to achieve Paris objectives. The financial sector has to support those initiatives by facilitating the fair transition towards a zero-emission economy and that it is only possible if transparency in relation to CO2 emissions is achieved. And last but not least, green taxation should be based on the "polluter pays" principle and income should be used to fund our way to total decarbonization by 2050."

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