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Daniele Vettorato

How to transform cities into smart cities?

"We have to reduce the way we consume and produce energy in cities. It means energy efficiency in all the activities that citizens do during their days, but also the production of energy within the city territory.

This means integration of renewable energy in the buildings but also in other spaces available in cities. It means integration of infrastructure that can bring energy from a place to another.

We can speak about energy communities, smart grids that are the principles to achieve positive energy districts. We can speak about integration of mobility, especially if we run vehicles with electricity, we speak about e-mobility, electric vehicles that can be charged with the photovoltaic that is installed on the roof or on the facades of the buildings.

But one of the most important things is to take into consideration that cities are made of citizens. The involvement of people is the most important thing. They are the main driver for the change. They make decisions every day. And their single decisions in the complex system count a lot."

recorded in 2019

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