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Here you can find capacity building tools to  engage  with your national government in  the NECPs process

Webinar: The NECPs and post-covid recovery plans: what are the main takeaways in the buildings and transport sectors? [14 & 15 October 2020]

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See the presentations from both days here.

Newsletter (VI): Final NECPs: better, but not good enough [Oct. 2020]

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Webinar: The role of the National Energy and Climate Plans in the post-COVID recovery [29/06/2020]

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Beginner’s guide to EUCalc for NECP assessment [Jun 2020]

Presentations: EUSEW Webinar [16/06/2020]

Are NECPs fit to deliver the EU Climate Law?
  • Edoardo Zanchini - Vice President, Legambiente (PDF)
  • Barbara Mariani - Senior Policy Officer for Climate, European Environmental Bureau (PDF)

Full webinar:

Newsletter (V): National energy and climate plans as tools to build more resilient societies [Apr. 2020]

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Newsletter (IV): New year, new ̶c̶h̶a̶l̶l̶e̶n̶g̶e̶s̶ opportunities [Jan. 2020]


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Presentations: Southern European Workshop [Nov. 2019]

in Madrid

Presentations: Eastern European Workshop [Nov. 2019]

in Warsaw

Newsletter (III): Citizens demand a faster pace of change [Sep. 2019]


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Webinar on public involvement in national energy and climate plans [Jun. 2019]

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Webinar on stakeholder engagement [Jun. 2019]

Preparing National Energy and Climate Plans

Newsletter (II): EU countries fail to rise up to the climate challenge [Jun. 2019]

Here is the way to a strong and inclusive (final) energy and climate plan

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Toolkit for effective engagement in NECP process [Jun. 2019]

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Navigating the policy-making process can sometimes be complex and not as straightforward as desirable - especially if there’s no proper communication from the side of the government. These guidelines have been written with the purpose of clarifying what are the obligations of the Member States, when do they have to deliver on their obligations, when can stakeholders contribute and in which manner. We also provide resources that stakeholders can use to positively contribute to increasing ambition in the countries’ energy and climate plans.  

Beginner's Guide on EU Climate and Sectoral Decarbonisation Policies (EN) [Jan. 2019]

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This document aims to help civil society organisations (CSOs) and local regional authorities (LRAs) to better understand the European legislation and policy in place to reduce greenhouse gas emissions across the bloc and ultimately mitigate the most dangerous consequences of climate change. It will present an overview of these international climate negotiations as context to EU legislation; it will detail the EU’s 2020 and 2030 climate and energy frameworks and explains how these link to the overarching international climate goals and the EU’s commitments within these (EN).

Also available in IT, PL and HU.

Newsletter (I): EU countries’ energy & climate plans are here! [Mar. 2019]

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Presentations: Workshop in Hungary

26 March 2019

Presentations: Workshop in Poland

20 March 2019

Presentations: Workshop in Rome

12 March 2019

Presentations: Workshop in Spain

22 February 2019

Presentations: Workshop in Romania

13 February 2019

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