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Agricultural Contract for the Biosphere Reserve (CARB) in Menorca [Spain]

The Agricultural Contract for the Biosphere Reserve (CARB) aims to ensure the sustainability and viability of the agricultural sector in Menorca by generating positive impacts such as the reduction of GHG and CO2 emissions.

In practice, the measure works as follows: farms commit to a series of tasks and objectives and their fulfilment is rewarded according to their expenditure. Initial verification of the farm is carried out jointly by the local administration and the farmer who together define both short and medium-term goals. Thanks to CARB, there is currently 4,200ha of organic production. In 2018, four solar pumps were installed and one farm installed solar panels. 202ha of forest were cleared to prevent fires and 281ha of legumes were planted. 


The implementation of territorial contracts should be extended to the whole country. Territorial contracts would increase their impact if they were linked to the EU Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) funding and included as measures in the National Energy and Climate Plan and the Climate Change Adaptation Plan.

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