PlanUp and Covenant of Mayors strengthen collaboration to drive strong and inclusive climate action

Local and regional authorities are key actors in the development and implementation of national energy and climate plans (NECPs). The LIFE PlanUp project is joining forces with the Covenant of Mayors in order to provide a wide range of NECP related material to support local and regional authorities’ work and to bring visibility for local climate action.

As part of its capacity-building actions for local actors on the NECP process, the PlanUp project is linking up its platform with the Covenant of Mayors capacity-sharing corner.

The Covenant of Mayors for Climate & Energy gathers some 10,000 local authorities across Europe, that are committed to taking ambitious climate mitigation and adaptation action to support the achievement of the EU short- and long-term climate objectives. Through their Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plans (SECAPs), which cover areas such as buildings, transport, agriculture and energy supply, the Covenant signatory cities touch upon key areas of EU countries’ NECPs. 

It is therefore critical for the Covenant community to be aware of the NECP process, and to know when and how they can engage in it. Furthermore, the sectoral work of the LIFE PlanUp project on buildings, transport and agriculture correlates with the focus areas of the Covenant SECAPs and can provide inspiration to the initiative’s local and regional authorities on how to take even more effective and ambitious action in these fields. 

A two-way link between PlanUp platform and Covenant capacity-sharing corner

The newly established link between the LIFE PlanUp platform and the Covenant of Mayors capacity-sharing corner allows the Covenant community to have direct access to all reports, good practices, guidelines and tools of the PlanUp project. A dedicated discussion forum on the NECPs has also been established in the initiative’s capacity-sharing corner, in order to provide regular updates on the NECP process to the Covenant’s local and regional authorities. 

The Covenant capacity-sharing corner is exclusively reserved for the +10,000 members of the Covenant community. Alongside its e-learning materials, it also hosts a large resource library covering all areas of energy and climate policies, including the buildings, transport and agricultural sectors. PlanUp will not only feed its resources into this knowledge hub but will be able to make relevant resources from the Covenant’s capacity-sharing corner available on its platform. This will serve to maximize outreach and visibility of both the project’s and the Covenant’s resources on a mutually beneficial basis. 

Check out some of the Covenant of Mayors’ resources in the PlanUp knowledge centre