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Drought Prevention Plan (PPSS) [Poland]

The Drought Prevention Plan (PPSS) is yet to be finalised, but it will be Poland’s blueprint for dealing with drought. Droughts are set to be the single most important climate change impact for Poland, particularly for the agriculture sector. While the draft PPSS has been widely consulted over a period of one year, scientists and drought experts still express serious reservations about its approach and content. The programme does not tap into the mitigation and carbon sequestration potential of nature-based solutions such as wetland restoration or river valley rewilding.


  • The scheme should be included in the NECP’s investment needs assessment and clarity has to be created on how it is going to be funded.
  • It needs to be based on a sound diagnosis of the causes of drought and aligned with other documents relevant for this policy area.
  • Its starting point needs to be an analysis of the systemic causes of drought.
  • Its new objectives should be:
    • To massively restore the natural retention potential in agricultural landscapes.
    • To assess current practices with regards to drainage systems that, while mainly used to drain agricultural lands, should focus on storing water.
    • To change forest management to ensure the preservation and restoration of forest wetlands.

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