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Euro standard tolls for heavy trucks [Poland]

The Ministry of Transport introduced road charging for heavy-duty vehicles on national roads in 2001. The government promotes lorries that are more environmentally friendly by charging them lower fees than the more polluting ones. The measure is not included in the NECP, mainly because it is a long-standing transport policy measure that is not counted towards greenhouse gas emission reduction efforts as its primary goal is to improve air quality. 


  • The measure should be extended to passenger cars to increase its impact on GHG emissions by promoting a rejuvenation of the private car fleet.
  • The environmental benefits of this measure should be quantified to increase support from stakeholders.
  • This measure could be made compatible with a net-zero scenario if the road charges could further incentivise low and zero emission vehicles (when they start to operate). Additional charges for dirty lorries could also be used to electrify heavy duty transport in the future.
  • The measure should be integrated in the Polish climate and energy strategies, especially as a tool for raising revenues that can be used to fund the necessary transition.

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