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Zero emission public transport (eBus project) [Poland]

This measure is a repackaging of the 2017 eBus project: a government policy to create a production chain for electric buses in Poland and to deliver electric buses to Polish municipalities. The rationale behind the measure is that municipalities need support in order to transition their public transport to electric buses and that the market rates for electric buses were too high. The repackaged measure is less ambitious than the original eBus project – only 3,000 electric buses are expected to be delivered to Polish municipalities by 2030 – a quarter of what the eBus project originally envisaged.


  • A detailed and integrated financial plan earmarking funds up until 2030 should be added to ensure this policy can reach its full potential.
  • A clear target path with milestones should be added.
  • The environmental benefits of this measure should be quantified to promote buy-in from stakeholders.

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