Webinar: NECPs and recovery plans: paving the way for a greener and more resilient Europe

This PlanUp event is part of the EEB Annual Conference 2020 “Project Fair” on 9 November at 13:00-14:30. See the full programme and register via the conference website.

During July’s European Council, leaders made the historic decision to allocate at least 37% of the EU budget and the funds dedicated to address the economic fallout from the COVID-19 crisis in support of climate objectives. Negotiations on the final shape of the package are still ongoing, but a deal is expected by the end of the year, and member states are currently preparing their national recovery and resilience plans for the European Commission to evaluate. These plans can help mobilise the investments necessary to reach the EU's new climate target.

The national energy and climate plans (NECPs) have the potential to drive this recovery while making climate action a priority. In its assessment of the final NECPs, the European Commission also included three priority areas for each country that should be included in the recovery plans.

But how are countries planning to allocate the funding under the EU pandemic stimulus package? Are there differences between member states when it comes to how much their recovery plans will drive climate ambition? Are national governments building on their NECPs as they prepare their recovery plans? What are the main challenges in combining the COVID-19 recovery with short and long-term climate action? Are these plans really paving the way for a greener and more resilient Europe? 

We will aim to give answers to these and other questions and provide recommendations for member states in this PlanUp online session at the European Environmental Bureau’s Annual Conference. 

Our speakers include Barbara Mariani from EEB, Raphael Hanoteaux from CEE Bankwatch Network and Monica Vidal from Ecodes.